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Who We Are

We are Professional Engineers with over 25 years experience in Forensic Engineering related to insurance losses. We offer a broad and comprehensive base of technical know-how and analytical skills. Our goal is to enable you to make informed, accurate decisions by:

  • Revealing the Cause
  • Documenting the Evidence
  • Communicating our Findings in a Timely and Budget-Concious Fashion

Our Philosophy

We regard ourselves as tools in your claim adjusting or litigation toolboxes. As such, we assist you to make informed decisions and to get the job done quickly and accurately. To make this happen, effective communication is key - from project inception through to final reporting.

Further, we believe continuing education and keeping abreast of industry trends and ongoing research is vital to providing you with the expertise you require, thus we are active members and participants in a wide variety of industry-related assocations and regularly attend educational seminars and training sessions. Please see Industry Links for a list of some of the associations and organizations we belong to.